Take #102 Chiefs Over 49ers
(NFL) San Francisco vs. Kansas City, 02/11/2024 6:30 PM, Score: 22 - 25
Point Spread: 2.00 | -107.00 Kansas City (Home)
Result: Win
So the 49ers obviously have revenge for the loss in Miami 4 years ago, and remember, they were up by 10 points in the 4th quarter and found a way to lose the game - But what's funny about this Niner team this postseason, is they've played completely the opposite as they did during the regular season, right? They played from ahead most of the year with the exception of the few losses they did have, but they were used to just blowing everyone out...so they've had to play comeback king twice in a row here vs Green Bay and Detroit - which could bode well for them in the SB because now they've had to play different types of games - So if they do go down a couple scores they can play the "we've been here before" card now right? But I just can't go against Mahomes man, I mean...we get him as a dog AGAIN!! We get Andy Reid as a dog AGAIN!! I've seen this movie before and it always seems to be a happy ending for Kansas City, and if you remember also this is the 2nd SB where Mahomes is an underdog. In SB 54 in Miami, KC was a -1.5 fav over SF, SB 55 KC was favored by 3 over Tampa, then last year SB 57 the Chiefs were a +1.5 dog in Arizona, and now here in Las Vegas they are a +2 dog to the Niners…so to be honest it's kind of scary to back the Chiefs because we typically like to fade the public in general, however the Ravens destroyed the Niners earlier this year IN SF...and the Chiefs just completely dominated the Ravens in Baltimore - So it's a tough handicap butI HAVE to back Mahomes here - I mean the Niners likely aren't even here if Gibbs doesn't fumble that ball that led to another SF score which COMPLETELY changed momentum in that game, because if he doesn't fumble the Lions probably eat some time off the clock with a drive, and even if they had to punt, that puts the Niners way back and they have to go all the way down the field, and who knows what would have happened, HOWEVER...if the Lions ran all over SF, don't you think Pacheco will be unleashed here and the Chiefs make a concerted effort to run the ball? I think they will. I just think the Niners are lucky to even be here, and the Chiefs have the experience and Purdy has looked suspect at times these playoffs with some likely interceptions that were dropped by Green Bay...and I just have to back the Chiefs here...I mean...it's like Yogi Berra said "it's deja vu all over again" and you can't talk me off the Chiefs here.