Chip's NFL 'Vegas High Roller' (5-1) Winner (Giants/Bears)
(NFL) NY Giants vs. Chicago, 10/10/2013 4:25 PM, Score: 21 - 27
Point Spread: 8.50 | -127.00 NY Giants (Away)
Result: Win
New York Giants at Chicago 8:30 ET
Giants (+) over Bears- Being a 'lifetime' New York Giants season's ticket holder it pains me to witness what is happening on the field. This team hasn't even been 'presentable' in any of their losses. They have allowed at least 31 points in their first five games and have only five sacks. They are minus 13 in turnovers and average a league low 65 yards rushing per game. Manning has 12 interceptions and 15 sacks while surrendering 36.4 points per game. Still, their must be some professional pride in them somewhere and the Bears haven't shown the ability to blow anybody out at home. Take NEW YORK!