Chip's NCAA 'Don't Make Sense' Winner
(NCAAB) Towson vs. Villanova, 11/17/2013 12:00 PM, Score: 44 - 78
Point Spread: -12.00 | -103.00 Villanova (Home)
Result: Win
Towson at Villanova 5:00 ET
Wildcats (-) over Tigers- You know I try not to go looking for match-ups but try to let them just reveal themselves and this in the second time in four days that a team I have NEVER played on or against is involved in both. I thought it strange three days ago when I saw Towson a favorite over Temple, none-the-less Towson won and covered and now they play another Philadelphia school Villanova and they are a double-digit dog. Is Temple that bad or are there other factors. Well, Towson is 3-0 but with all three wins at home and now they hit the road for the first time and meet a big-time foe on the road. It's VILLANOVA!