Chip's 'Guaranteed' Top-Rated MLB 5*Megabucks
(MLB) St. Louis vs. Milwaukee, 09/16/2020 5:10 PM, Score: 4 - 2
Money Line: -143.00 Milwaukee (Home)
Bookmaker: SportsBetting
Result: Loss
St. Louis at Milwaukee 8:10 ET
Brewers over Cardinals- I would consider using this side (Milwaukee) in a much 'higher' rated spot if not for the shit that is going on. To start with, I like the pitching matchup but, with this being a double-header you can never really be sure what you are going to get. Managers use two distinct and different line-ups to share playing time among the roster and you never really know who's playing which game. Also, I would always prefer to play my game first as things change after a win or loss and mid sets change game to game. If you can get this match-up in game one the Brewers are worth a shot against a fading Wainwright. Take MILWAUKEE!