Chip's TNF 'Stand Alone' (21-9 70%) Winner
(NFL) Buffalo vs. New Orleans, 11/25/2021 8:20 PM, Score: 31 - 6
Point Spread: 6.50 | -110.00 New Orleans (Home)
Result: Loss
Buffalo at New Orleans 8:20 ET
Saints (+) over Bills- What's going on with the Bills? The skinned everyone alive the first six weeks and now don't seem to where they are. Of their five wins they came against Houston, Washington the Jets and Miami twice. Since losing Winston at QB New Orleans has struggled and dropped three straight including a no-show last week at Philly where they trailed 33-7 entering the fourth quarter. The Bills turned the ball over four times last week getting trampled by the Colts but are still No. 1 in NFL total defense. It should be a battle till the final gun and I'll stay with the home team that is 3-0 on Thanksgiving. Take NEW ORLEANS!