Chip's NFL Vegas Hotline Winner
(NFL) Minnesota vs. San Francisco, 11/28/2021 4:25 PM, Score: 26 - 34
Point Spread: -3.00 | -110.00 San Francisco (Home)
Result: Win
Minnesota at San Francisco 4:25 ET
49ers (-) over Vikings- It took awhile as this matchup of 5-5 clubs didn't catch my interest until later in the week when different type of data of information passes your desk. This flow accumulates during the week and like the straw that broke that poor beasts back you see it. Whether it win or not remains to be seen but I've come to the conclusion that the Niners are the side. Now, the Vikings have been good to us winning out NFL Megabucks last week but, we allowed them their '15-minutes' defeating Green Bay now pay penance. Take SAN FRANCISCO!