Chip's AFC Vegas Hotline Winner
(NFL) Cincinnati vs. Cleveland, 01/09/2022 1:00 PM, Score: 16 - 21
Point Spread: -5.50 | -110.00 Cleveland (Home)
Result: Loss
Cincinnati at Cleveland 1:00T
Browns (-) over Bengals- With both starting quarterbacks sidelined for this season finale the Bengals are most assuredly trying to get out of Cleveland without any mishaps. The Browns have been eliminated from the playoffs and Baker Mayfield is already under the knife while the Bengals Joe Burrow is mending on the sidelines. It doesn't matter to me who starts for who here at QB it's a matter of Cincinnati looking ahead to the playoffs while the Browns try and avoid a double-digit loss season. The line is telling you how this one should go. Take CLEVELAND!