Chip's 'Highest-Rated' NBA Megabucks (47-26 65%)
(NBA) Golden State vs. Dallas, 05/22/2022 9:00 PM, Score: 109 - 100
Point Spread: 2.50 | -105.00 Golden State (Away)
Result: Win
Golden State at Dallas 9:00 ET
Warriors over Mavericks- Teams that live and die via the 3-point field goal run hot and cold during the same game and games have dramatic lead swings. Dallas like so many other teams after grabbing a huge early lead (2nd or 3rd Q) players seem to think it gives them license to throw up long range bombs shot after shot without ever having an offensive flow or an attempt to work the ball inside. Golden State has outscored the Mavericks 106-62 in the paint and with their veteran experience I don't see that changing. They will attack Doncic and wear down this one-man team. Take GOLDEN STATE!