Chip's Highest-Rated' MLB Megabucks 11-7 61%
(MLB) San Francisco vs. Philadelphia, 05/31/2022 6:45 PM, Score: 7 - 4
Money Line: -121.00 Philadelphia (Home)
Result: Loss
San Francisco at Philadelphia 6:45 ET
Phillies over Giants- Are the the Phillies reeling or what...after making a number free agent signings the past two seasons have shown little positive results. Philadelphia who may be the worst fielding team in baseball is minus -965 already this season at $100 a play. Joe Girardi says he's not worried about his job, why should he be worried he gets paid no matter what and can go back to TV. The Giants are playing decent baseball and are a half dozen games over .500 but that magic that had them winning 107 games last season is long gone. Take PHILADELPHIA!