Chip’s Top-Rated NFL Power Play
(NFL) Cincinnati vs. Buffalo, 01/22/2023 3:00 PM, Score: 27 - 10
Point Spread: -5.50 | -110.00 Buffalo (Home)
Result: Loss
Cincinnati at Buffalo 3:00 ET
Bills (-) over Bengals- One of the most surprising aspects of the Bengals season is that they were the Super Bowl loser and had the best point spread record (13-4) in the NFL this season. Cincinnati was so lucky to survive a flawed Ravens team last week when we all saw it the game swung 14 points on one play. Usually, it is said that one play among all the plays in a game will not be the difference...HA. The Bengals are without three offensive line starters and although Joe Burrow has been able to withstand numerous sacks in the past it all will take its toll sooner or later. They were out-gained in both of their last two games by Baltimore and have been behind in yardage to opponents in 11 of their 16 games. Take BUFFALO!