Chip's NBA Money Game
(NBA) Denver vs. Minnesota, 04/23/2023 9:30 PM, Score: 108 - 114
Point Spread: 3.50 | -104.00 Minnesota (Home)
Result: Win
Chip’s NBA Money Game
Denver at Minnesota 9:30 ET
Timberwolves (+) over Nuggets- Minnesota has been able to play tough for a period of time but just don’t seem to execute very well during crunch time. The Timberwolves have yet to cover any of the three games and like Brooklyn can be ousted without cashing a ticket. The Wolves were expecting a breakout season and have wallowed in mediocrity the entire season. Denver feels no pressure and surely who like to complete the 4-game sweep but they won’t be all that upset if they have to return home to finish off their already wounded prey and if the win under the number all the better. Take MINNESOTA!