Chip’s Highest-Rated NBA Megabucks (80-56-2 59%)
(NBA) LA Clippers vs. Phoenix, 04/25/2023 10:00 PM, Score: 130 - 136
Point Spread: -12.00 | -108.00 Phoenix (Home)
Result: Loss
LA Clippers at Phoenix 10:00 ET
Suns (-) over Clippers- I’d like to be able to say that like most other teams who enters a game without their top player that they rally and come up with superior efforts. But, even the best of efforts does not make up for the absence of Kawaii Leonard. Phoenix seems to have made the adjustment of adding Kevin Durant to the lineup and they are now the favorites in the West. Russell Westbrook has filled in quite well for the Clippers but for the most part his contribution become meaningless with a bulk of turnovers that e commits. Take PHOENIX!