Chip’s MLB Highest-Rated Megabucks 16-7 70%
(MLB) Seattle vs. Philadelphia, 04/26/2023 6:40 PM, Score: 5 - 6
Money Line: -112.00 Seattle (Away)
Result: Loss
Seattle at Philadelphia 6:40 ET
Mariners over Phillies- When I hear managers speak highly of a player that is clearly in over his head (i.e.-Hicks with the Yankees) the Phillies have three such players that are just not cutting it. Both of these clubs are expected to contend but slow starting have them already with a hill to climb. a bit of revenge might apply here as Logan Gilbert (1-1, 3.57 ERA) was tagged with his loss by Philadelphia. Mariners are 7-2 on inter-league road and Philly is 2-7 in last nine starts against lefties. Take SEATTLE!