Chip’s Highest-Rated NBA Playoff Megabucks
(NBA) Boston vs. Miami, 05/23/2023 8:30 PM, Score: 116 - 99
Point Spread: 1.50 | -105.00 Boston (Away)
Result: Win
Boston at Miami 8:30 ET
Celtics (+) over Heat- I know what I said about Miami having more ‘Mojo’ than Austin Powers and they went out and absolutely destroyed the Celtics in a Game 3 romp that put them ahead 3-0 in the series. So, at this point everyone is in shock and Boston doesn’t have a clue how to change things the media id killing their rookie coach and looking to dissect the club.. At 0-3 on team in NBA history has ever come back (0-149) to win the series and I would image the Celtics down to a man are bewildered and embarrassed. That second thing going a long why among professionals sand Boston is that. This time around the Heat are favored and maybe that might too much for them to carry. I always take points but this is do or die for the Celtics and winning the game is all that counts for them here on out. Oh...I can not believe it...take CELTIC PRIDE!