Chip’s AFC ‘Guaranteed’ Power Play Winner
(NFL) Tennessee vs. Jacksonville, 11/19/2023 1:00 PM, Score: 14 - 34
Point Spread: 7.00 | -121.00 Tennessee (Away)
Result: Loss
Tennessee at Jacksonville 1:00 ET
Titans (+) over Jaguars- I really wasn’t interested in this game as I am afraid that the Titans just can’t cut it but...this is the NFL and it is rare when thing go according to Hoyle. Jacksonville is one of the public darlings and I guess it is because of Trevor Lawrence who has yet to reach the expected level of people most believe he eventually achieve.This will be the third straight road games for the Titans who dropped game at Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay. Lawrence will be wearing a knee brace and his mobility has been hampered. Take TENNESSEE!