Chip’s Highest-rated MLB Megabucks Winner
(MLB) LA Dodgers vs. NY Yankees, 06/08/2024 7:35 PM, Score: 11 - 3
Money Line: -122.00 NY Yankees (Home)
Result: Loss
LA Dodges at New York Yankees 7:35 ET
Yankees over Dodgers- The ‘Sky is falling’ in New York as he media has gone wild on the possible length of the Soto injury and then they were shutout by the Dodgers for 10 innings and produced only five hits (2 by Judge) in their loss. I can’t believe the panic in their voice but after 14 fruitless years they don’t possess the same level of arrogance. Today, the Yanks start the man who has been their weak link in one of the best rotations in baseball (to-date anyway). Nasty Nestor Cortes (3-4, 3.46 ERA) hasn’t been the same since his injury sidelined him in mid-2023, but he has been effective in Yankee Stadium where he has won his last three starts. I just think the Yankees 21-8 at home respond. Take NEW YORK!