Chip NBA Playoff Highest-Rated Megabucks
(NBA) Dallas vs. Boston, 06/09/2024 8:00 PM, Score: 98 - 105
Point Spread: 7.00 | -109.00 Dallas (Away)
Result: Push
Dallas at Boston 8:00 ET
Mavericks (+) over Celtics- Kyrie Irving may be the best player in the finals but he is a ‘head case’ that can never surprised at what you get. Since leaving Boston he has yet to win a game against them and has been less that stellar on the court. What I am looking for here his for Kyrie Irving to man-up and take control like he is capable. I expected he would tank Game 1 and posted the Celtics, but he will come to play Sunday night. He and Doncic both had terrible shooting nights in Game 1 and that should improve but Irving is and will be the key. Take DALLAS!