4* Money-Maker
(NFL) Seattle vs. Houston, 09/29/2013 9:00 AM, Score: 23 - 20
Point Spread: 3.00 | -115.00 Houston (Home)
Result: Push
Taking the TEXANS here. Will take the home team here. I know that most times I fade Houston against the better teams in the league. I don't think last weeks loss was as bad as the final score. The game was 6-3 Houston before a INT for 7 then a punt return for a TD to really get things going. Add in a Ray Lewis retirement party and the energy and momentum shift and you have a 30-9 road loss. Now we have Super Bowl contenders the Seattle Seahawks coming to town fresh off a 45-17 whipping of Jax. I know Seattle is a very good team. They are probably better than the Texans. But this is the NFL. Any given Sunday people. Texans need a good, solid win for themselves. We saw Seattle struggle on the road in Carolina. I think this defense is better and the offense has a bit more talent. Outright win would not shock me the least here. 4* Money-Maker HOUSTON TEXANS