(NBA) Phoenix vs. Washington, 07/31/2020 4:00 PM, Score: 125 - 112
Point Spread: -6.50 | -115.00 Phoenix (Away)
Bookmaker: Bookmaker
Result: Win
Ball movement gives the best option to win for Phoenix here. Washington has to try and change the way that Phoenix plays - they have to try and force them to slow down - but the Wizards were not able to do that before, why would it start now? Devin Booker and his 26 ppg isn't going anywhere, his unbreakable scoring ability will be on full display. Washington took a big loss with their star, Bradley Beal, the hope for squeaking into the playoffs this season is very small. Phoenix will dominate enough on the outside, the Suns will pull it off.

Washington has nobody to keep up with the guards on Phoenix - they are going to be able to shoot all over vs them. Washington has given up on the season, even with the restart - they seem to have no desire to play and it will show up here. The Wizards lost to plenty of poor teams during the season, and those games weren't nearly as important of games, at the time. They have given up 125 pts or more in 24 games this season - a formidable offensive team like the Suns should hang 115 or more without batting an eyelash.

Phoenix wins big on Friday mid-afternoon action.