(NBA) Utah vs. Denver, 08/08/2020 3:30 PM, Score: 132 - 134
Point Spread: -1.50 | -110.00 Denver (Home)
Bookmaker: Bookmaker
Result: Win
You wouldn't know that Denver is 3rd in the West, if you watched the talking heads on TV - they are a super tough matchup for anyone. Everyone is talking about the LA combination in the Western conference, but Denver is still there - which leads me to believe that people choose to ignore them, against all odds. Utah cannot stop the inside game of Denver - as Nikola Jokic is more than capable of creating good things out of nothing.

There is no way that Utah is slowing Denver down , they're not going to stop the Nuggs backcourt, or Jokic on offense. Holding them to 60 or less, combined, would be a moral win, nothing more. Adding the fact that Denver is tough as nails with their offensive ball movement over the season - they have a whole different kind of mentality than many other teams. Limiting Jokic in touches, would also be important for Utah - but they won't hold that advantage either.

Denver wins by 5 or more points.