Rob V: 100% American League TOTAL OF THE MONTH SYSTEM
(MLB) Toronto vs. Minnesota, 08/04/2022 7:40 PM, Score: 9 - 3
Total: 7.50 | -120.00 Over
Result: Win
The MLB Top Total is over 7.5 runs in the Toronto at Minnesota game at 7:40 eastern. The game fits a Perfect totals system dating to 2004 for Home dogs with a total of more than 7 if they are off a home favored win and prior loss vs an opponent off a road favored loss and had 4 or less hits. The Twins are 4 of 4 over vs a pitcher with a 1.15 or less WHIP,4 of 5 over vs a winning team and 5 of 6 vs an opponent that scored 2 or less wins. Toronto has gone over 21 of 29 on the road vs a righty and 24 of 34 vs a winning team. Gray for the Twins has a 4.91 Era in his last and 3.96 at home. Manoah looked vulnerable last out. Look for this one to go over.