(MLB) Cincinnati vs. Detroit, 07/31/2020 7:10 PM, Score: 2 - 7
Money Line: -155.00 Cincinnati (Away)
Bookmaker: Bet365
Result: Loss
This is an 8* on CINCINNATI

This is the Reds chance at redemption after they shockingly dropped two of three to the Tigers last weekend. The series started out well enough with Cincy taking the first game 7-1. But the team wouldn’t win again until Wednesday when they beat the Cubs 12-7. The Reds are a team that came into the season with a lot of hype. The pitching staff did have 46 strikeouts in the three games vs. the Tigers. Even though this series is in Detroit, we like the Reds chances tonight. They had yesterday off due to a rainout while the Tigers played the Royals and lost 5-3. Trevor Bauer did not factor into the decision when he faced Detroit in the last series (Reds ended up losing 3-2), but he did his part with 13 strikeouts in 6.3 innings. He only allowed one run and two hits! The Tigers were terrible last season, losing 110+ games. They are not to be trusted this year and this looks to be a really cheap price to go against a team that’s played seven straight days. Turnbull had four walks and lasted just five innings when he faced Bauer last weekend, so he was lucky to get a no-decision. No such luck this time. 8* on CINCINNATI