(NHL) Toronto vs. Los Angeles, 11/24/2021 10:00 PM, Score: 6 - 2
Money Line: -158.00 Toronto (Away)
Result: Win
This is an 8* on TOR

The Maple Leafs come into Wednesday firmly entrenched as one the Atlantic’s three top teams. Neither they nor Tampa Bay have been quite as good as Florida, but you could say the same thing for most teams across the league. The Leafs have won 11 out of their last 13 games however, and Sunday’s 3-0 win at the Islanders was their fourth shutout during that stretch. Tonight the Leafs are in LA looking to avenge one of the two defeats they’ve suffered this month. It was back on 11/8 that the Leafs lost to the Kings 5-1 at home. Both teams were on win streaks at the time of that first meeting. Now the Kings are on a four-game losing skid with the last three defeats all coming here at home. The last one was perhaps the most embarrassing as it was against Arizona, who is the worst team in the league. The Kings have already fallen a bit off the pace set by the top teams in the Pacific and we only see that gap widening as the season progresses. Toronto isn’t going to lose twice to this team, so they’ve got our backing tonight. Play on TORONTO