10* EPL GAME OF MONTH - 10-3 (+$7K) SOCCER!
(EPL) Everton vs. Newcastle United, 04/02/2024 2:30 PM, Score: 1 - 1
Money Line: 105.00 Newcastle United (Home)
Result: Push
10* Newcastle (EPL GOM)

Everton has lost three straight and is winless in the EPL in 12 straight. Nothing will change here against a resurgent Newcastle side who has the advantage of playing at home. Newcastle overcame some injuries to come from behind to knock off West Ham United here at home and there's no reason not to think it won't/can't keep that momentum rolling here. Saturday's victory closed the gap with the Hammers to just a single game, making this contest the most important so far for the home side. Look for Newcastle to come out more aggressively on Tuesday and to keep the foot on the gas until the end of injury time, while taking all three points in regulation in the process!

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