10* Pacers/Celtics GAME 1 SIDE ATS BLOODBATH!
(NBA) Indiana vs. Boston, 05/21/2024 8:00 PM, Score: 128 - 133
Point Spread: -10.00 | -105.00 Boston (Home)
Result: Loss
10* Celtics (BLOODBATH)

Sometimes we feel it's necessary to completely dissect a game, looking at every possible angle, breaking down every possible stat, looking at every possible player matchup etc. Other times though, we absolutely just utilize the "KISS" method, the Keep It Simple Stupid method. And that's going to be the case for us here in Game 1 between the Pacers, who needed all seven games to then pull off the upset in New York to close out their most recent series, and who we now believe will be completely "gassed" here in the opener of the ECF. Boston is 41-6 at home and will have had a week off between games to rest and focus. No need to overthink this one; everything points to the Celtics keeping the foot on the gas from start to finish!

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