Stephen Nover Free Sunday NFL Play
(NFL) NY Giants vs. Jacksonville, 11/30/2014 8:00 AM, Score: 24 - 25
Point Spread: -3.00 | 100.00 NY Giants (Away)
Result: Loss
Sure it's been a hugely disappointing season for the Giants. But let's not get carried away. The Giants still are at least a level higher than the Jaguars.

Eli Manning versus Blake Bortles is a mismatch. Bortles has been a turnover machine and is getting worse the more he plays with his confidence shot. The Jaguars did not do him a favor by rushing him into the lineup. Bortles has become Geno Smith South with 15 interceptions while being sacked 27 times in nine games.

Manning has his best running back, Rashad Jennings, back plus Odell Beckham Jr. is developing into a star with 31 catches for 503 yards during his last four games.

The Giants' record is so poor because they have played a murderous schedule. This is their first easy opponent in eight weeks. Jacksonville's record is so poor because they are legitimately horrible.

This likely is Tom Coughlin's final season as Giants head coach. Coughlin still has enough pride to keep his team from suffering an embarrassing loss to this bad of a team.

(Editor's note: In addition to this free selection, Stephen Nover has his Sunday Night Game of the Year going in the AFC West showdown between the Broncos and Chiefs. Stephen has won his biggest Sunday night plays and is 4-0 on games involving the Broncos this season.)