Game of the Year (NFL) - Schule's MNF BEST BET Tests 100% PERFECT RUN!
(NFL) Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh, 09/18/2023 8:15 PM, Score: 22 - 26
Money Line: -143.00 Cleveland (Away)
Result: Loss
This is a 5* play on CLE.

Any decent bettor should know not to overreact to results in Week 1, and the Browns looked like World Beaters while the Steelers looked like trash. Sure we may see regression to the mean, but lets be real about who these teams are. The Browns have one of the highest ranked offensive lines, and maybe the most dominant running back in the NFL. Deshaun Watson is just a few years removed from being a Top 5 QB in the league, and he looked a lot more like that guy in Week 1 than he did last year. Kenny Pickett is still wet behind the ears, and I am not sure Najee Harris is a legit RB1. The Niners averaged 5.5 yards per carry at Pittsburgh last week, and the Steelers are going to have their hands full trying to contain Chubb.


Jesse Schule