(NHL) Vegas vs. Philadelphia, 03/14/2023 7:00 PM, Score: 5 - 3
Money Line: -175.00 Vegas (Away)
Result: Win
The Vegas Golden Knights have won three straight games on the road, allowing just six goals scored. Even in their last loss, they only allowed a pair of goals against. Vegas is a dominant road team, particularly tough to score on in away games. The Flyers struggle at home this season. Well, the Flyers struggle everywhere at the moment. They've lost three straight and eight of ten, in most cases by multiple goals. They've also got the worst offense in the league at the moment, scoring just twelve goals in ten games. The Knights, who don't have the most potent offense, have more than double that number in the same number of games. Probable goalies are Hart for the Flyers (very average lately) and Adin Hill, if he returns as expected. Hill was terrific leading up to his brief injury.
The Knights are favored but not as highly as one might expect. Take Vegas to win easily.