(MLB) Cleveland vs. Minnesota, 06/01/2023 7:40 PM, Score: 6 - 7
Money Line: 122.00 Cleveland (Away)
Result: Loss
The Guardians’ hot young pitcher Bibee has had a great start to his first year. With a little run support in his last outing against the Cards, the 2 hits he allowed over 6 innings should have provided him a result but all he got was one run and no decision. Two games before that he only allowed 2 hits over 7.2 innings but still ended up with no decision as he was only supported with 1 run.

The Guardians started off the season near the bottom of the majors in hitting but lately they have turned it around. Since Bibee last pitched they have been averaging 6.5 runs and 12 hits per game. This alone should put him over the top but combine it with a bullpen that has had a 1.31 ERA over the last 10 and a miniscule .47 over the last 5 and you have a recipe for success for the Guardians and Bibee.

Pitcher Lopez and the Twins might have something to say about this but their hitting has been in the bottom third of the majors for most of the season. Lopez started out the season strong but has had mixed results as of late with 3 of his last 7 starts averaging more than one earned run against/inning. Pick the underdog Guardians for a close win on the Money Line.