(MLB) NY Yankees vs. Detroit, 08/29/2023 6:40 PM, Score: 4 - 2
Money Line: 108.00 NY Yankees (Away)
Result: Win
The Yankees have not met expectations this season. But some parts of their game have been pretty good. Like their bullpen for instance. Given this is a bullpen game with probable starter King leading the way they should be in a good spot for this game against the Tigers. In his two most recent starts King has a 1.80 ERA. The relievers they have available for this one have a combined 2.82 ERA and a WHIP of 1.08.

The Tigers counter with lefty Skubal who has a 4.67 ERA in his last 3 starts. Given the Yankees have the 5th best OPS (17th best avg.) vs. LH starters this season his ERA should go up a few points. Skubal’s available bullpen has had an 8.41 ERA and 1.78 WHIP in their last 3 and the available relievers for this one have a 4.55 ERA.

At the plate the Tigers have struggled against RH starters and are in the bottom ¼ of the majors. Neither team has been very good at the plate lately but pitching should win the day for the Yankees.