(MLB) Detroit vs. NY Mets, 04/01/2024 7:10 PM, Score: 5 - 0
Money Line: -132.00 NY Mets (Home)
Result: Loss
These clubs have gotten off to opposite starts. The Tigers are 3-0 and the Mets are 0-3. That's partly a result of who they were playing. The White Sox are going to be awful this season and the Tigers began their season against them. A game at Citi Field will be a different matter! The Mets were 20-12 the last 2 years, after 3 or more consecutive losses. The Tigers were 13-13 after 3 or more consecutive wins.

Off the sweep at Chicago, the Tigers are still 75-90 on the road. After getting swept by Milwaukee, the Mets are still 97-70 at home. Manaea's teams are 2-0 his last 2 "home" starts against the Tigers. They won 8-4 and 3-1. Both Manaea's starts were quality. In all starts, Manaea has allowed 3 runs or less in 11 of his last 13. Go with the Mets!