(NBA) New York vs. Indiana, 05/12/2024 3:30 PM, Score: 89 - 121
Point Spread: -5.50 | -110.00 Indiana (Home)
Result: Win
These games have going the way of the home team. That trend will continue this afternoon. The line is lower than it was for Game 3. In that game, the Pacers were being asked to lay -7 points. Now, they have the confidence to know that they can win and they are also laying a smaller number.

The Pacers outscore teams by an average of 124.9 to 115.7 when they are home favorites. Haliburton is worse for wear but so is Brunson. Also, the Knicks are still without Anunoby, Randle, Robinson and Bogdanovic. Pacers pull away and win this one big!