(NBA) Boston vs. Indiana, 05/27/2024 8:00 PM, Score: 105 - 102
Point Spread: -7.50 | -103.00 Boston (Away)
Result: Loss
At 8:00pm ET, my Conference Finals Game Of The Year is on the Boston Celtics. The Pacers have really given it their all. They nearly won Game 1, only to get blown out in Game 2. They also nearly won Game 3. It was a rather heroic effort, as the Pacers were playing without Haliburton. They shot amazingly well and had a large lead. Just like Game 1, it was not meant to be. Boston stormed back and handed them a very disappointing loss. The series is now 0-3. In other words, it's over. There's no coming back from a 3-0 deficit. Not in this series.

To a certain degree, the pressure is off the Pacers. They may shoot the ball well again. It's going to be hard to match the intensity of the Celtics for a full 4 quarters though. Boston doesn't want to extend this series. The Celtics are experienced and know that the time to go for the throat and finish this series is right now. Just like the Game 1 loss was difficult to bounce back from for the Pacers, the bitter Game 3 result will be the same. The Celtics are 31-12 (straight up) as away favorties and they've won those games by an average of 9 points. They will win by at least that many today! Play on Boston.