Free Pick Saturday NHL
(NHL) Chicago vs. Edmonton, 08/01/2020 3:00 PM, Score: 6 - 4
Money Line: -143.00 Edmonton (Home)
Bookmaker: Betonline
Result: Loss
Scott "The Bulldog" Rickenbach NHL Rotation #10 Saturday Free Pick Edmonton Oilers Money Line (-) vs Chicago Blackhawks @ 3 ET - I give the NHL credit for putting together such an exciting post-season format but why so many teams? I will tell you why. The NHL, and commissioner Gary Bettman, knows what they are doing! The NHL expanded to 24 teams for this because that allowed a #12 team from each conference that ended up being an Original 6 franchise in a strong hockey market. It generates additional interest therefore and is great for hockey fans. But do Chicago an Montreal, the respective #12 seeds from each conference, really deserve to be playing? That is debatable for sure but they are strong hockey markets and so I understand this set-up. However, now a 5-game series gets underway in Edmonton and the Oilers, as the hub city, get an advantage of truly being on their home ice. No fans here of course but being able to play games in their home rink is indeed an edge for the Oilers. In a shorter series, a 5-game one like this, winning that first game is so critical. Look for the Oilers to do just that. I respect the Blackhawks and they still have a little star power but those guys are aging and the up and coming Oilers are the much better team and also are well-coached in my opinion. The price is a little much for a premium play but I will happily use them here in this spot. Free Pick EDMONTON