Perfection Play NFLX 10*
(NFL) Jacksonville vs. Las Vegas, 08/04/2022 8:00 PM, Score: 11 - 27
Total: 30.50 | 104.00 Over
Result: Win
NFLX Thursday 10* Top Play OVER 30.5 in Las Vegas Raiders vs Jacksonville Jaguars @ 8 ET in HOF Game in Canton, OH - This is a road game for both teams of course because it is a neutral site game. Note that last pre-season saw the Raiders two road games both total at least 33 points. 2020 there was no preseason. 2019, the Raiders had two road games and a neutral site game. All 3 of those games away from home totaled at least 32 points. So this is a 5-0 situation for Las Vegas in terms of NFLX games away from home totaling at least 32 points. As for the Jaguars, both their road preseason games (and their home game for that matter) all totaled at least 36 points with the two roadies both totaling at least 34 points! So the point is that we have a double perfect situation here with 5-0 L5 for the Raiders and a 3-0 L3 for Jacksonville. This one gets to at least 32 (but I expect much more) and yet we are working with a total of only 30.5 points because of the reputation of the HOF game to be a low-scoring grinder. This total has ended up too low in the markets in my opinion. Keep in mind, each team has new head coaches and Pederson is an offensive-minded coach and former NFL QB and McDaniels was the offensive coordinator of the Patriots for more than a decade. No matter who is on the field here, yes a lot of unknowns, there will be more offense than most are expecting given all of the above. Keep in mind, Jags have allowed 24 points per game last 7 NFLX and Raiders allowed 23 points per game L5 NFLX non-home games. 10* OVER 30.5 in Hall of Fame Game