Earliest Cash NFL 8*
(NFL) Buffalo vs. Detroit, 11/24/2022 12:30 PM, Score: 28 - 25
Total: 54.00 | -105.00 Over
Result: Loss
NFL Thursday 8* OVER 54 or 54.5 in Detroit Lions vs Buffalo Bills @ 12:30 ET - Two of top offenses in league statistically. Yes, the Lions have been that strong on that side of the ball and the pass defense of the Bills has not been great this season. Couple that with both teams off a win and the fact Detroit is one of the worst overall defenses in the league and you have a set up for a high-scoring shootout here in my opinion. Buffalo has been more of an under team this season but finally the recent results starting to be commensurate with how they play and we have seen B2B overs involving Bills. This should make 3rd straight. Lions off B2B overs but most recent home game was an under. That followed 4 straight overs in first 4 home games for Detroit this season. More of the same on tap here! 8* OVER 54 or 54.5 in Detroit