Div Game of the Month NFL 10*
(NFL) Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland, 11/19/2023 1:00 PM, Score: 10 - 13
Money Line: -128.00 Cleveland (Home)
Result: Win
NFL Sunday 10* Top Play Cleveland Browns -1.5 / -2.5 / or money line -130 vs Pittsburgh Steelers @ 1 ET - As you can see from the lines shown here, this one offers a number of options of how to play it as of about 5 hours before kickoff Sunday. What we know here is that the Browns will be without QB Watson and of course RB Chubb has been out since early this season. In fact, that was the first match-up with the Steelers in Pittsburgh. This will be revenge payback here. The Steelers are the worst 6-3 NFL team in recent memory. They have been OUTGAINED every single week this season yet they somehow have miraculously won 6 of 9 games. The nonsense stops here. I know the Browns are off the emotional last-second win over the Ravens last week but this game is huge too. Cleveland will not come out flat here as this game is just too important. They have still been strong on the ground this season even without Chubb. Also, the Browns have a solid rookie option at QB and at least his first start comes at home and against a weak defense. Yes, the Steelers statistically bad against the pass and the run. They also are bad statistically on offense. They have won games with "smoke and mirrors" a lot this season. But now we get line value with the stronger team on their home field and we get that line value because of Watson being out. The Browns are still the better team here and they have revenge on their minds after not only losing Chubb but also losing to the Steelers in that game earlier this season. Cleveland lost that game despite a huge yardage edge. This will be payback! 10* CLEVELAND (-)