(NHL) Dallas vs. Vegas, 09/14/2020 8:00 PM, Score: 3 - 2
Money Line: -170.00 Vegas (Home)
Bookmaker: Bet365
Result: Loss
8* Vegas (8:05 ET): I feel I’ve already beaten this into the ground, but Dallas continuing to win this postseason just shocks me. They were on the verge of falling down 3-1 in the series with Calgary, but came back to win that series. They were decided underdogs in the last series with Colorado, yet won in seven games. It’s been more of the same with Vegas in the Western Conference Finals, which the Stars now lead 3-1 despite having been an underdog every game. Tonight will mark the 12th consecutive game in which Dallas has been a dog on the ML.

The Stars scored 42 goals in the 10 games prior to this series getting underway. Vegas did a good job slowing them down in the first three games (just 4 goals allowed) before falling apart in the second period of Game 4 (lost 2-1). Despite losing on the scoreboard, the Golden Knights have looked like the better team in both Games 3 & 4 in which they outshot Dallas 40-23 and 33-20. The last game was particularly frustrating as Vegas led 1-0 and had outshot the Stars 23-9 when they shockingly allowed B2B goals.

This is just the 2nd time in the bubble that Vegas has dropped two in a row. The other came in the last series against Vancouver when they lost Games 5 & 6. They responded with a 3-0 shutout in Game 7, saving their season. They’ll now need to win three in a row to save the season, but I definitely think they’ll get this one. They are the better team. Both teams have six goals in the series, Dallas getting theirs on far fewer shot attempts. This isn’t sustainable. The Golden Knights are 11-3 SU after scoring 2 goals or less the previous game. 8* Vegas