*10* NHL GAME OF THE WEEK (Power Sports)
(NHL) NY Islanders vs. Tampa Bay, 09/15/2020 8:00 PM, Score: 2 - 1
Money Line: -175.00 Tampa Bay (Home)
Bookmaker: Bet365
Result: Loss
10* Tampa Bay (8:05 ET): This marks the first time I’ve played a game in the series and I’m checking in just in time to catch the Lightning close out the clearly overmatched Islanders. While New York was allowing the fewest number of goals per game since the restart, that was before running into the Tampa Bay juggernaut, which has scored 17 goals in the four games thus far. In retrospect, Game 1 was an ominous sign when the Isles were whipped 8-2. That made it pretty clear this series wasn’t going long and look for TB to close it out in five.

Although they’ve yet to finish off this series, you have to consider Tampa Bay the favorite to win the Stanley Cup right now. They’ve been incredibly impressive so far in the bubble, going 13-4 SU overall and never losing B2B games. After a bit of a slow start offensively, they are now back to averaging 3.4 goals per game since the restart, which is right in line with their season average. That they’ve increased their scoring against what had been the league’s best defensive team is very impressive.

The Islanders simply lack the firepower to keep up here. Their top line has combined for just one single point in the L3 games and it was an assist from Matthew Barzal. In the team’s three losses in this series, the Isles have scored only four goals. The 5-3 win in Game 3 looks to be a total aberration as the Lightning have been in control of this series from the start. It doesn’t help matters that TB is 21-7 SU this season when coming off a win by 2+ goals. 10* Tampa Bay