(NHL) Columbus vs. St. Louis, 11/27/2021 8:00 PM, Score: 3 - 6
Money Line: -174.00 St. Louis (Home)
Result: Win
I'm playing on ST. LOUIS. While they won for me a few games back, the Blues have since cost me. Still, this is a great spot for them to bounce back. Both teams played yesterday. The Jackets won while the Blues lost in OT. That, already, should help provide St. Louis with some added motivation. Further incentive stems from the fact that Columbus won it OT, when these teams met earlier. I like the fact that the Blues are at home and also that their Friday game was earlier in the day than Columbus' game. With the Jackets just 1-6 the past seven times that they played the second of b2b games, look for the revenge-minded Blues to bounce back.