3rd of 3 in triple play Tuesday
(MLB) Atlanta vs. Houston, 11/02/2021 8:09 PM, Score: 7 - 0
Money Line: 113.00 Atlanta (Away)
Result: Win
MLB - Luis Garcia likely to start for the Astros and he has struggled in 3 of his 4 post-season starts. Max Fried off B2B rough outings but had been so good for so long. The lefty should bounce back here and the elimination pressure is again on the Astros. They survived it in Game 5 but, per the simulation report, it is unlikely they can do it again in Game 6 with an unsettled pitching situation. Look for the Braves to close this out and win the title. Atlanta 4-0 so far in post-season when off a loss. Braves bounce back is likely per the simulation report. Play ATLANTA