3rd of 3 in triple play Sunday
(NFL) Las Vegas vs. NY Giants, 11/07/2021 1:00 PM, Score: 16 - 23
Point Spread: 3.00 | 100.00 NY Giants (Home)
Result: Win
NFL - The Giants are 2-6 this season and the Raiders are 5-2 this season and yet only favored by 3 points in this one? Something seems odd with that line but that is the beauty of the simulator as it eliminates the human element and, per the simulation report for this one, high probability that the Giants either win outright or lose by the slimmest of margins so bet this one with the +3. New York catches Las Vegas at a time when they could be sluggish after the bye week and with more distractions (the sad Ruggs story) to pile on top of the Gruden situation that ended bad as well. Play NEW YORK GIANTS