1st of 3 in triple play Tuesday
(NCAAB) Kentucky vs. Duke, 11/09/2021 9:30 PM, Score: 71 - 79
Money Line: -113.00 Duke (Home)
Result: Win
NCAAB - May as well take the money line here, -115 range, rather than lay the -1 and -110. These lines as of the Monday evening before the game. Both Duke and Kentucky known for relying heavily on freshman and Duke seems to have the better haul this season in comparing the two. However, the Wildcats added some shooters via transfer but the fact CJ Fredrick - one of those transfers - is unlikely to play here will hurt Kentucky. They need better shooting and addressed it but Fredrick likely to miss this game. Simulation report shows high probability for a Blue Devils win here in what is the first game of Coach K's final season. Play DUKE