NHL 'TRADE-MARK!' > > +$18,000 ALL NHL YTD!
(NHL) Tampa Bay vs. Dallas, 09/23/2020 8:00 PM, Score: 5 - 2
Point Spread: 1.50 | -190.00 Dallas (Home)
Result: Loss
T.M. Selection: Stars (6* TRADE-MARK).

Las Vegas still has the Lightning favored considerably in Game 3, but I think these teams are much more evenly matched than what this line would suggest. Goaltending is a "wash." Each team has looked brilliant at times and poor in other so far in the playoffs, but I simply feel that the Lightning are over-priced here. But in a contest which I think'll be decided in the closing moments (or maybe even in extra time), I still love the value by laying the larger price for the extra 1.5 goals in our back pockets! That's the play, Dallas on the puck-line!

T.M. Prediction: 4-2 Stars.