(NHL) Edmonton vs. Los Angeles, 05/12/2022 10:00 PM, Score: 4 - 2
Money Line: -130.00 Edmonton (Away)
Result: Win
T.M. Selection: Edmonton Oilers.

I like the Edmonton Oilers to win this game against the LA Kings on Thursday. The Oilers have looked really good in this series and I think they are going to bounce back with a win in this game to even up the series 3-3. They are down 3-2 in the series going into LA and I think they will turn on the jets here to with their backs against the wall in this series. The Oilers have looked like the better team in almost every game of this series too. Their 2 wins came in blowout fashion with a 6-0 win and an 8-2 win over the Kings. The Kings only had 1 game in this series where they dominated with a 4-0 win while their other 2 wins were both really close games that the Kings won in OT. Those games could have gone very differently and even if 1 of them was a win for the Oilers, they would have the Kings backed up on their heels here. I still think the Oilers are the better team here and I see them forcing a game 7 here with a win. The Kings struggled to beat the Oilers all year, going 1-3 against the Oilers during the regular season and the game they won was at the beginning of the year. I think the Oilers have way more talent on their team and they have already shown that they can destroy the Kings with their 2 wins coming by those big margins. The Kings have jumped on the Oilers early in the previous 2 games which set them back from the start in those games but I think with the Oilers facing elimination here, they will come out fast and strong trying to get an early goal and once they get a lead in the game, I expect them to keep it. I like the Oilers to win this game.

T.M. Prediction: 6-2 Oilers.