(MLB) LA Angels vs. Houston, 07/02/2022 4:10 PM, Score: 1 - 9
Money Line: -134.00 Houston (Home)
Result: Win
T.M. Selection: Houston Astros.

I like the Houston Astros to win this game against the LA Angels on Saturday. The Astros just beat the Angels in their most recent game and they have won 4 games in a row now. They are 1 of the best teams in the league and have been winning a lot of their games with a great pitching effort. Their bullpen is 1 of the best in the league and they also have a really good starting rotation too. I think they are going to cause the Angels to have another dry night on offense and I expect the Astros to start getting into gear now that they have been rolling over teams. The Angels have been having a really bad season, they had a lot of issues which led to Joe Maddon being fired but the team has not really done much since then and continues to lose games with bad pitching and a poor offense which should be better than how it is playing. Jose Urquidy (6-3, 4.36 ERA) is up for the Astros here and he has been pitching really well this season. He hasn't been the best starter on their staff but he is getting the job done in their games with 6 wins awarded to him this season and he has been pitching really well lately. He hasn't looked shaky in his previous few starts and he has also been pitching long outings, taking stress off of their bullpen too. Patrick Sandoval (3-2, 2.63 ERA) is up for the Angels here and he has been really good this year but I don't expect him to keep that up since he really hasn't been this good in previous years. I think there is room for him to regress soon and with the Astros being as hot as they are at the moment, this is a great spot for him to do so. I like the Astros to win this game.

T.M. Prediction: 7-2 Astros.