(MLB) St. Louis vs. Atlanta, 07/05/2022 7:20 PM, Score: 1 - 7
Money Line: -136.00 Atlanta (Home)
Result: Win
T.M. Selection: Atlanta Braves.

I like the Atlanta Braves to win this game against the St Louis Cardinals on Tuesday. The Braves have won 3/4 of their previous 4 games, dropping 1 game to the Reds in their most recent series, but they started this series off against the Cardinals with a win on Monday and I think they are going to make this a 2 game run with another win here. The Braves have looked really good lately, after getting a slow start to the year they had a great June, going on a huge run to shrink the lead of the Mets in the division. They are only 3.5 games behind the Mets now and I expect them to be motivated to keep winning games and take over as the division leader. The Cardinals haven't looked lately, losing 2 games in a row and 4/5 of their previous 5 games. They put up 7 runs in the 1 game they won during that time but they haven't been doing much offensively in their other games and I expect that issue to show up again in this game. Ian Anderson (6-5, 5.31 ERA) is up for the Braves here and he hasn't looked good lately but he had a decent start to the year and I expect him to bounce back in this game. He gave up 7 runs in 2 innings in his most recent start but that was his worst start of the year and he has been a good pitcher in their home ballpark this year. I don't see him giving up that many runs in this game and he usually strikes out a lot of batters so I expect him to bounce back with a better performance here. Andre Pallante (2-3, 2.10 ERA) is up for the Cardinals here and he has been good this year but he also hasn't had many starts either. He is in his rookie year but is mainly a reliever and has been for a majority of the year. He just started getting starts in his 3 most recent games but he has been giving up runs in every start and is not striking out a lot of batters. The Braves have been really hot with their bats lately and I think the defending World Series champions are going to show Pallante here that he still needs a lot more work in this league to be good. I expect them to bring in runs here and with his lack of strikeouts in his starts, I expect this experienced lineup to drag out their at bats and stretch these innings out for a while. I like the Braves to win this game and continue their run.

T.M. Prediction: 7-2 Braves.