(NFL) New England vs. Pittsburgh, 09/18/2022 1:00 PM, Score: 17 - 14
Point Spread: 2.50 | -103.00 Pittsburgh (Home)
Result: Loss
T.M. Selection: Pittsburgh Steelers

I like the Pittsburgh Steelers to win this game against the New England Patriots on Sunday. In week 1, the Steelers looked like they had the best defense in the league. Forcing Joe Burrow to 4 INTs, and sacking him 7 times in the win. Although their offense wasn't extremely impressive, it didn't look bad by any means. Deontae Johnson made an incredible catch, which got the entire team hyped up. They'll need some more from RB Najee Harris in this one as well. For the Patriots, they didn't look good at all. They were held to just 7 points against Miami, and Mac Jones just didn't look all that good. I believe that Pittsburgh is just the better, stronger and more physical team here in this one and should have no problem in coming home with the win. Give me the Steelers.

T.M. Prediction: 27-21 Steelers