GAME OF YEAR **** 10 **** | SUPER BET
(NFL) LA Chargers vs. Tennessee, 09/17/2023 1:00 PM, Score: 24 - 27
Money Line: -170.00 LA Chargers (Away)
Result: Loss
T.M. Selection: Los Angeles Chargers - Moneyline

I like the Los Angeles Chargers to win this game against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, September 17th. Coming off a heartbreaking loss to Miami, many people may look at this game and think Tennessee. However, I still love the Chargers this season and find this to be a must win game for the team. Looking at their next four games, they have to travel to Minnesota, host LV and DAL and then out to Arrowhead. I could see them winning some, if not all of those, but those are definitely all tough games. Therefore, this game is extremely important for a team that could not stop the pass. Luckily, Tennessee was horrendous through the air in week 1. Tannehill failed to reach 200 yards passing and he threw three picks. I expect an improvement from the LAC defense and for the offense to show up once again. Hammer the Chargers in this week 2 matchup.

T.M. Prediction: 34-10 Chargers.

Line: -170

Line Parameter: play until -210..