(EPL) Crystal Palace vs. Aston Villa, 09/16/2023 10:00 AM, Score: 1 - 3
Money Line: -122.00 Aston Villa (Home)
Result: Win
T.M. Selection: Aston Villa - 3-Way ML

I like Aston Villa to win this game against Crystal Palace on Saturday, September 16th. Although they've won two of four matches so far, Villa is expecting more. They want to compete for a spot in a Europe competition and are going to need to win these types of games against Palace. Crystal Palace has looked decent so far this season, but don't have the greatest defense whatsoever. Villa should be able to score without problem here today en route to a third win in this campaign.

T.M. Prediction: 3-1 Villa.

Line: -122

Line Parameter: play until -145..